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Cute Doll Plushy (12 Pcs)


Product Description
Objective: The objective of the Cute Doll Plushy game is to take care of and interact with a cute doll plushy, creating imaginative play scenarios.

Players: This game can be played individually or with multiple players.


Choose a cute doll plushy of your choice or have each player select their own plushy.
Ensure that the plushy is clean and in good condition.


Start by introducing yourself to the plushy, giving it a name, and treating it as if it were a real friend or companion.
Use your imagination to create different scenarios and adventures with the plushy. You can have conversations, play pretend games, or go on imaginative journeys together.
Take care of your plushy by ensuring it is clean, hugging it, and even giving it a designated spot to sleep or rest.
Encourage other players to interact with their plushies and engage in shared play scenarios if playing with multiple players.
The gameplay is open-ended and can be as creative as you like. Enjoy spending time with your cute doll plushy and have fun exploring different play possibilities.

Each Package Includes: 12 Pcs. of Cute Doll Plushy
Color: As seen on image
Size: 7.9 x 13.8 inches Weight: 8.82 ounces
Material: Plush

You are buying: 1 pack of 12 Pcs. of Cute Doll Plushy